With Christiane officially on vacation, I thought we would hit the lake for a little pleasure fishing. No early arrival, just a relaxing start to the day! The weather was hot & humid again and expected to reach into the upper 80’s with heavy winds. Walleye were going to be caught today along with plenty of smallies as well as we began in a deep area with a drop shot rig. The winds were a little difficult to get a proper line and it took a bit of time before I had it nailed down just right. Several eaters were landed in the first couple of hours and some mid size smallmouth before we hit a few other areas, solely for the bass. There were plenty of other boats on the lake today but most of them were either cruisers or sailboats and not fishermen. Although we didn’t take any pics, there were a load of decent size fish landed, just not giants! Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully several Kodak moments! Saturday had the lake pretty full with nice weather along with the start of the Quebec holidays. There were already 8 trailers in the parking lot and they were all fishermen when we arrived at 8:30. I knew I was going to have to be careful where I fished! We hit an area and tried drop shot rigs right away but weren’t able to get any eater sized walleye, just smallies of all sizes. I thought we would pull the plug on this and check a couple of areas and troll, just to cover water. Well, the walleye once again didn’t cooperate and smallmouth were caught up to almost 5 pounds instead. To say it was a zoo out there would have been too polite. It was mental out there! With high sunshine and flat calm conditions, everyone was out. Although there wasn’t really any wind, there were 2 & 3 foot waves everywhere and from every direction. The gas companies would be the only ones benefitting from today! It got so crazy out there that we threw in the towel after attempting an hour of walleye fishing. We picked up a couple of eaters and were on our way. Gotta love weekend traffic, especially when it falls in the construction holiday period!! Sunday began with a complete switch in the weather as a cold front arrived overnight. Air temps were in the low 60’s and the winds were out of the north as we began our day. After a little business out to sea, we were on our way and headed to smallmouth country. It was a nice cool morning for a change but also expected to get into the 80’s by afternoon. It didn’t take long before Christiane was locked up on a 3 pound smallie on a spinnerbait and the game was on. A few more on the blades and a quick switch to tubes had her getting hit on almost every cast afterwards. There was a lot of fish here with the north winds pushing on the rocks we were fishing and I wasn’t leaving until they stopped eating. I had to help out someone for the second time today when a troller accidently ran over his line, wrapping it around his prop. It’s always easier to get access to the prop from another boat and I lent a hand. I didn’t realize however just how bad it was until I started unraveling the mess. He must have had 30 or more yards of braid around the blades and that’s not always good. Line like this can eat through your seals and cause a water leak into the lower unit. Fortunately for him I managed to untangle the fiasco and all was well. We both headed back to fishing but only one of the boats went back to catching. Christiane was still pounding on the bass and getting snagged in the rocks from time to time as well. I had to show her how to snap the jigs out and several times, got just crushed immediately. At one point she snagged up again and was going to snap it out when the line began to move. Sturgeon hook up! This would be her first one and a 10 minute battle was in progress. Although I had a few eat the jigs this season, she wasn’t as lucky. This one was closer to the tail and double the battle! Eventually I was able to glove the dinosaur and she had another species added to her list. A few quick pics and back the beast went to where it had come. I estimated this thing at almost 25 pounds and an average one for the lake. We went back to bass fishing and kept catching for quite a while afterwards until some idiot decided to troll right over the shoal, twice! It’s amazing just how stupid some people can be and how they ever obtained a boaters card. Too bad they don’t have one for courtesy! When he did this for the second time, the fish dispersed and just shut down. I guess he couldn’t stand seeing us catching and thought he would get his too. We relocated to another area and began hitting fish once more, without any idiots bothering us this time! They were chowing on senko’s here and we were getting them good. After lunch we thought we would try for some walleye and trolled new areas once again. It looked pretty good but all we were able to come up with were more smallies and some big ones too. With the heat & humidity upon us heavily now, we decided to call it a day and head back. It wasn’t just the heat that was getting to me as the traffic was what mattered most. Boats everywhere and going in every direction! All in all a pretty good start to her vacation and tomorrow we would be on Lake Ontario looking for silver. We can’t wait!!