Kent & his wife Megan were with me today, all the way from Colorado and looking forward to fighting just about anything. A 7:00 meet was scheduled due to possible weekend traffic and we hit the water immediately after. Winds were out of the W at 10 to 15 knots already and were expected to push 20 to 30 by the afternoon; with a slight change to the SW. Air temps would be reaching close to 90 degrees and with the humidex, a lot higher! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew we were going to be on fish, all day! Our first spot had a slower than usual bite going and both Kent & Megan picked at the bass for close to 2 hours before we headed into the big winds looking for more action. Kent had only caught largemouth before and being from Colorado, trout were what he targeted at most times. He hadn’t realized the shear power of the smallie and wanted more. Originally he was looking to catch a few pike & walleye but after the first bass, they went the way of the dinosaur! Tubes and senkos were once again the baits of choice and they were eating them pretty good in the second area. In only a couple of hours they had both landed and lost their fair share of these little footballs up to 3.5 pounds. There were several much larger hooked but that’s fishing! As always though, women & kids rule and today was no exception. Although Kent did catch many more than Megan, she did get the largest of the day, into the net for several pics. This fish was close to 5 pounds and quite the battle for someone not use to catching smallies before. I’m sure she will be talking about this one for a while! Kent may have been able to redeem himself several times over but they just kept coming unpinned as they took to the air. Regardless of the outcome, they both had a great time hooking plenty of acrobatic smallmouth throughout the entire day. By 4:00 I decided to pull the plug on this day and began the long run back to the dock. I knew we had been fishing in rough conditions all day with the incredible winds, but realized that we were also somewhat sheltered in the process. I hadn’t known just how protected, until I got further away in more open areas of the lake. We were now running back to the ramp in average 3 footers with an occasional 4 or 5 thrown in for good measure. I had to reduce the speed and play with the hydraulics & trim to find a comfortable speed for the boat to run, without pounding everyone & everything in the boat. Thankfully the Ranger ran without a splash on anyone and we were going with the waves! I’m pretty sure that given the opportunity to come back to Montreal, both Kent & Megan wouldn’t hesitate, after a day like this. Overall a tough condition day but we made the right choices and monopolized on the active smallies in the process!!