This report should get everyone salivating and hopefully anxious to wet a line as the fishing has been unbelievable! This past week has seen me on the water pretty much every day and each one was equally as good as the others. With the high humidity, stable conditions had the water temps on the rise and the fish eating. I can’t remember how many walleye have been caught & released due to the new regulation slot limit, but there were plenty! I don’t even want to estimate how many pike were released either as it was insane. Although I was targeting walleye for everyone, there are always incidental hookups from other species and this week saw plenty of them too. The rarest one of them all had to be the shad hookup while trolling along a breakline. With their soft mouths, it never made it to the net for a pic and the hook just pulled out. Another muskie was also landed by my wife and there were a few bite offs too! Many walleye between 22 & 28 inches were put back, showing me the potential this lake has to offer. Loads of eater sized walleye were also landed and some of them harvested for meals. I just can’t believe how many walleye this lake actually has and how easy they are to catch when you fish for them. I might have another favorite fish to catch! Not likely though as the bass season is only a week away and I can’t wait. Apparently some others can’t either as I’ve seen plenty of boats already fishing for them! If anyone feels the need to get on the water and catch a pile of fish, now is definitely the time to take advantage of the activity, before the summer heat locks in. If it’s walleye & pike you’re interested in catching, there’s no better time to be fishing. Several openings are available in the coming weeks and I hope to fill them up and get everyone into some of the best action of their lives. I know I’ll be out there refining several other areas and catching many, many more fish once again in the process!!