Michel & Christiane were fishing with me today on another scorcher of a day, hoping for some great action. Water temps began the day at 67 degrees and went above 70 before we were done, in the areas we fished. Walleye were the target today and they definitely hammered them! The troll was the ticket with specific baits in only certain areas. If you ventured away, you didn’t get bit. It was that simple! We had a light chop in the morning that flattened out completely after noon, almost shutting the bite down totally. Besides all the walleye, there was also a number of larger pike that fell victim to the same lures. These were some of the larger pike of the season so far and definitely feeding quite well as their bellies showed the thickness. With the wind dying completely, out came the dog pecker knats and the torture began. We stuck it out until just after 3:00 and decided to get off the water. It had been almost 30 minutes since the last quality fish came aboard and all we had to show for our time were perch. Despite the afternoon lull they still managed to catch at least 30 walleye and a large number of big pike as well. If we were keeping all the perch they landed, there would have been enough for a huge perch fry too! All in all a great day for the walleye!!