Today was the first trip on local waters for pike & walleye and Colin was with me to experience our tremendous fishery. The last two days had south winds blowing 20 to 30 knots and I wasn’t sure what kind of effect it would have on the water & fishing. We met up at 7:00 and were running across the water shortly after with high expectations. Being from Colorado, Colin had never caught a northern pike and was hoping to land one or two today. Boy was he in for a treat! Although the weather was a little chilly at 54 degrees due to the wind change from the north, the waves weren’t too bad. At less than 10 knots they were at best 1 to 2 footers and the water looked clean enough to score. I instructed him on the rod holders and set the first rod only to have the reel fire in less than 45 seconds. He was landing his first of many northerns in under a minute. Talk about taking the pressure off! Although it was only a couple of pounds, it was his first and he was glad. The second fish came almost as quickly as soon as the second rod was placed in the holder. Both fish came on the same lure color and I was wondering if I needed to make a change, when the other rod also took a hit. Unfortunately it was a drive bye and no one was home. It didn’t matter though as the day was only a couple of minutes in and we had plenty of time to get even. The overcast skies had me running brighter lures and with the 54.5 degree water temps, a slower troll as well. I was covering plenty of water and getting into fish here & there but not what I was accustomed to and kept searching for the mother load. Colin thought it was great as he had landed about a dozen or more pike up to 6 pounds and wanted more. We plucked one here & there for quite some time until the sun came out and the light switch was turned on! For about three hours in the afternoon it was non stop action with one rod after the other and fish after fish. As soon as the rods were placed back in the holders, it seemed like the reels were firing. The water temps were on the rise and the fish were active! We even managed to catch a bunch of perch and some of them were quite large. Eventually, the temps climbed all the way to 63 degrees and everything was feeding. The only walleye that we hooked unfortunately came unpinned as it neared the boat. I caught a glimpse of her under the boat and immediately went for the net but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a good one and probably close to 6 pounds by the mass in the water. It may even grow by the time Colin returns back home! We kept at it until 5:00 P.M. and finally called it a day after three more fish in a five minute period. Colin had gone from never having caught a northern, to landing close to 75 in one day. You might say that he had his fill but still wanted more. We couldn’t have had a nicer day on the lake and the fishing was just tremendous. I’m sure he’ll be a little sore tomorrow but it’s a welcomed pain and one anyone would be happy to have. Hopefully he’ll be back and maybe the next time the bass season will be open and we can have a multi species day. Can’t wait to get him back!!