Friday the 13th and Michel was hooking up with me on the lake with high hopes of catching some fish. His track record would really be put to the test today as good luck had never been on his side. Fortunately, this one would prove to be the complete opposite for both of us! The weather would eventually reach around 80 degrees with little to no wind and complete sunshine. It felt more like a July day than one in May as we set the lines and began trolling for the elusive niche. The water temps were ranging between 45 degrees all the way to as much as 54 in some areas. An hour into the troll, I pulled the plug on this section and decided to make a move. We casted to a rock pile that had put the rainbow in the boat only a couple of days earlier and found that it was now holding another species instead. Off we went to a sand break in a large bay and trolled the drop, zigzagging the entire area. When the reel screamed, I was sure we were going to get lucky, but soon found out different when a brown fish took to the air. We released the bass and continued trolling and another long line fired. This time however, it kept going and I thought I saw a tint of silver when it splashed on the surface way behind the boat. Once boat side I realized that it was a salmon and slid the net under a beautiful 17 inch chrome beauty. Friday the 13th was beginning to look pretty good right about now! Michel would be having salmon for dinner and that’s what we wanted to accomplish today. We reset the lines and spent a little longer looking for another one but only managed a couple of drive byes and one other brown fish. Time to relocate once again and away we went to another long tapering point and back to fly trolling. This went untouched once again and it seemed that despite the beautiful weather and all that we just couldn’t score another. The remainder of the day was no different with only the occasional bass coming to our baits and nay a touch from the trout or salmon. This has surely been the toughest spring fishing bye far over the last 5 years for me. Most seasons would have seen at least 50 or 75 salmon boated by now. I just hope that it gets better by next week as there’s a whole lot of rain in the forecast. This will bring the water levels back up and dirty up the already stained waters that I have been fishing all week. Maybe it’ll bring the bait back up instead of pinning it to the floor of the lake. Despite the lack of silvers today, Michel still went home with dinner and had a great day on the water as well. Who could ask for more??