This was the first day of our long weekend & Christiane was with me to celebrate our anniversary once again. Traditionally, this has proved to be a great 3 days of fishing and I hoped this year would be no different. She arrived shortly after 8:00 A.M. and we were on the water about an hour later. With no wind, the black flies were insane at the ramp and you couldn’t just stand still. We prepped the boat and hit the water as quickly as possible just to get away from them! Pollen was all over the lake and really thick in certain places so we tried to find cleaner water in order to troll the flies. Open water with temps around 60 degrees were our starting point and anywhere from 8 feet to 30 feet were where we had our lines. As we approached the high spot on the shoal, both lines started a blazing and the first hookup was a double. The fish however weren’t what we were looking for as both were smallies. One of them was close to 4 pounds and had both of us wondering during the fight if it wasn’t a lake trout. It never took to the air and just stayed down throughout the entire battle. We covered a lot of water marking both baitfish schools as well as some really big hooks all the while only coming up with the brownies. I decided to switch up the presentations a bit and changed locations as well. Planer boards and lead core lines with spoons went out in hopes of better success. With many more marks showing we trolled the lines through the fish for what seemed like forever. After about 90 minutes of washing lures without a single hit, I pulled the plug and relocated again. This time however, I decided to rip jerk baits where the lake trout had been taken yesterday and not long after, we had several hookups. To my amazement, they were jumbo perch and an occasional bass. One of the perch was so big that I actually went for the net to ensure that it wasn’t lost. Weighed in, it went almost 1.5 pounds. Now that’s a real jumbino! We decided to keep a few of them for a dinner and put 4 of the largest ones into the livewell. I continued looking for some active trout or salmon but never really found anything, anywhere. Although we did catch many a fish, we still didn’t have the hookups that we were looking for. Somewhere around 4:00 we called it quits and headed back to the ramp. We’ll try to get an earlier start tomorrow and hit a different area of the lake in pursuit of the silver. With any luck, we’ll be having fish for dinner!!