Bobby & Chico were with me today on what had the makings of a beautiful, sunny, fish catching day. They arrived around 8:30 and we headed right to the honey hole for some silver bullets. Although the air was cool for the run, the sunshine was nice to see again. Unfortunately the clouds seemed to be over powering the sky and the N/E winds that began at less than 5 knots were increasing as we trolled the area. Water temps were 41 degrees in some areas all the way to 47 in others, but the fish were not active. All the bait was pressed to the bottom and no signs of life were present. Oh there were plenty of fish showing but they too were deep and nothing we did seemed to make them eat. Time to move and off we went to another area in search of activity. The water was a bit warmer here with 47.5 degrees being pretty stable all over but the water was a whole lot dirtier. Debris was floating everywhere with a brown, grayish tint as well. Once more it wasn’t working out here so off we went once more to an off shore location when the first reel actually fired. We were fishing a deep drop along a rock pile and were hooked up with a bass. Go figure! This little two pound ice cube hit the minnow bait and just crushed it in two foot rollers. The winds had picked up and now they were blowing at 15 to 20 knots from the N/E or straight north depending on the mountains. Although I usually get lake trout in this section, it looked like the bass were in as the next reel that fired also had a smallie attached to the lure. Along with the lure was another line with the fly in his mouth too. What a pig! Off we went again and another deep area also held bass causing us to relocate further up the lake to our original spot hoping that the salmon had gotten hungry. We encountered three foot rollers on our run and some areas had even larger waves making me thankful we were in the Ranger. I passed an aluminum boat along the way that was just taking a pounding in the waves and I’m sure he wished that he could change boats. The winds were strong where we were now and blowing on the shore but after an hour of trolling with nada, we decided to pull the plug. Water temps had changed and the north winds had blown all the warm water out and apparently the fish too. Not much to show for our efforts today other than some brown fish and that was a surprise. I guess tomorrow I will have to try something different in order to change the outcome. High water is definitely making it more difficult this season as I should be averaging at least a dozen or so niche by now. Better days ahead!