Jean joined me today, once again looking for some trout & salmon action on the fly. This time however, I headed in a different direction on the lake, hoping for better results. Heavy cloud cover was upon us when we launched and the air temps were in the 30’s. The water temps were barely 42 degrees as we set the lines and began our troll. I thought that I would try something completely opposite of what I had been doing lately and concentrated on cliffs and deep water points. An hour into the day and still nothing had me reconsidering this adjustment! I relocated to a deep gravel drop off on an island and decided to switch the troll for a drift & drag. With minnow jigs attached, we were almost immediately hooked up! Twenty five feet down and up came a brown image but not a trout. A four pound smallmouth had taken the bait and came in like a walleye! Absolutely no fight at all and frozen to death with an ice cube like body. No wonder it didn’t fight! A quick release and we continued to drift the deep edge just hoping for a better bite. Within five minutes we were locked again and this time I could tell by the way it was fighting that this was the real deal. A beauty of a lake trout had fallen victim to the smelt like jig and this 24 incher went right into the livewell. Unfortunately, this was all she wrote for the trout and shortly after, we relocated once more. The next area had us adjusting again and this time we went shallower in 45 degree water, to a rock pile. Within five minutes, we were battling a silver maniac. This thing just kept jumping and actually bounced off the railing of the boat on one of its leaps, before she finally came to net. Instead of the salmon that we had thought, it turned out to be an 18 inch rainbow trout. This was a real treat and second in a possible grand slam for the day. We covered plenty of water after this and unfortunately only had a bunch of perch and a few bass for our troubles so I decided to go back to the troll again. I ran to an area that I had hoped had warmed up from the all too late arrival of the sun. To my surprise, it was reading 48 degrees and as I made the first pass, it continued to rise. The deep line was the first to fire and then it went silent. We were over 85 feet of water and our first drive bye! A little while later the high line went off and this time it stayed pinned all the way to the net. A feisty little salmon of 16.5 inches barely made the cut and completed the “Grand Slam” for the day. The rest of the day had us washing baits, just covering what seemed like the entire lake. Nay a touch after the salmon and a real surprise as the water had actually risen to almost 51 degrees in one area. Tomorrow I will make another adjustment and try some real deep water with the aid of the riggers to see if some of those arches are actually lakers. Let’s see what this will bring!!