Alicia joined me today for what I expected to be a repeat of yesterday’s terrific day. Unfortunately it wasn’t to happen as we struggled throughout the entire day, in search of the elusive salmon. I tried water with temps as low as 41.5 all the way up to 56 degrees in others. All I could come up with was bass and they were in all depths. From fly rods to down riggers to side planers, nothing seemed to put the trout & salmon in the boat. They did however seem to manage to find the smallies! Some came over 100 plus feet of water all the way to less than 10. Suspended baits produced giant perch as well as we just kept moving, in search of silver. It didn’t seem to matter though as this day was what you always pray for as far as the weather goes. Light winds from the N/E at less than 5 knots, sunshine and air temps that must have reached 70 degrees by the afternoon had us just chilling. So much so that we both lost track of time and kept at it until about 5:30 before we decided to throw in the towel and head back to the ramp. Although we didn’t manage to accomplish what we had wanted, I wasn’t ready to slow right down and fish for lakers on the bottom. Salmon was what I was after and maybe tomorrow will bring better results. I think I will go in a different direction this time in hopes of finding gold, or in this case, silver!!