After hearing the thunder storms all night, there was no rush this morning to get on the water. The rain was still falling when I awoke and we waited until there was a clearing before heading out. I guess it was somewhere around 8:30 or so that we finally dropped the boat in the water and hit the first location. Air temps were quite nice at 55 degrees but the humidity made it feel a whole lot warmer. Absolutely no wind at all had the fog hanging in earlier and by now it had finally lifted making the run less dangerous. With all the high water lately, there has been plenty of debris floating and navigation has been a little tricky. In fact, there is so much crap on the surface that trolling with flies is becoming more difficult each time out! Without the aid of some wind, the debris & pollen just remains heavy all over & keeping the flies clean is a real chore. Regardless, we still managed to drop the lines in the water and troll an area that had produced a few days earlier in hopes of a hookup. After having no success an hour later, we were forced to try somewhere else and opted for an area closer to the main lake. It was here that I was marking plenty of good sized hooks and giant balls of bait that I encountered something for the first time. Out of nowhere, a beautiful salmon of 5 or 6 pounds decided to come out of the water like a dolphin about five feet in front of the boat. It was so damn close that I think I could count the spots on her side! These fish are so well fed that catching them has become more difficult than ever this year. They just cruise around eating everything in site. Where’s mine? Needless to say, we never saw her again or any other family member for that matter. The next location had one of the reels firing, but it soon went silent and that was all she wrote. I tried several other places with the same success and only managed to come up with a few perch and an occasional bass. The afternoon hours had us running boards and down riggers once again through all kinds of deep water without a single release. Although I did see several good sized hooks, we just couldn’t seem to make them go. Water temps remain anywhere between 51 degrees all the way to above 60, depending where you are. At least the weather was nice though as we were in sunshine and above 70 degrees for most of the afternoon. Somewhere around 4:30 we decided to call it a day and headed back to take out. Although we had caught plenty of fish, they weren’t what we were looking for and it left me feeling a little empty. I think tomorrow I might bite the bullet and try for lakers right off with the riggers. There won’t be much of a fight but at least we should get into a few more trout this way. Hopefully there won’t be too much boat traffic with this being a long weekend or I’ll have to resort to other methods once again!!