We shifted locations and found another puddle to beat on the bass today. Craig & Derek were out for redemption and they were going out fighting! An early launch before 8:00 A.M. saw us running to the first location, pumped. I was shocked to find a couple of boats already there and exactly where I had planned on starting. Oh well, nice weather brings out people on the weekend! We had to settle for another section and found it pretty slow. With the water cooled from the night it was at best 43.5 degrees and needed a little sunshine to activate the bass. I think the first couple of fish to get caught were a walleye and a sauger. The bass were not coming easily as I moved around in search of calmer water. Eventually, the sun rose, the air temps grew and the bass started biting. From this moment on, there was no looking back. Even with the NE wind blowing 10 knots or better, they managed to get into the zone. I think at one point, Craig went 10 or 12 casts with fish on every one! Derek was also getting into the zone and pounded them pretty good too with about half the casts becoming fish. They went on a flurry for a while and landed several large ones before I had to relocate once more when it just died. The next section wasn’t as fast & furious, but it was producing pretty good as they started hooking up again. I think the ticket today was slow! By placing the baits in the right locations and moving them very little, the fish eventually found their offerings. As with yesterday’s outing, we called it a day shortly after 4 o’clock. We had stopped on one more place just before and Derek landed his largest of the day in about 15 seconds. Craig too hooked up and this was enough to end the day on a high. We managed to salvage the two day trip with both size & numbers on the second day and all was good! Although they had a 3 ½ hour drive back home, they were pumped from the day and had plenty to remember. This is the way the fall fishing should be and I can’t wait to get back out once again! Great day overall!!