I was back out again today with Sam & his brother Haissan and W even joined them as well. We began shortly after 9:00 in a terrible 20 knot wind from the NE and definitely felt it in the fishing. It was tough to detect the bottom let alone a bite and everyone was getting snagged in the process, even more than usual. Water temps were around 45 degrees with all the cold nights and the air temps were in the low 30’s. Fortunately it was bright sunshine all day but unfortunately the wind chill made it feel like it was well below zero. I believe it was W that hooked up first and started the ball rolling with a chunky 3 pounder as we dragged jigs along a breakline. Sam & his bro were also hooking up but having a hard time landing the fish, as they kept coming off before the boat. At this time of year you really need to give them a bit more time before reacting and a 2 to 3 second pause on the hookset always seems best. It didn’t take long before this all changed though and everyone was into bass up to 4 pounds. Several double headers were also had as multiple fish are not uncommon when you’re on schooling bass! I had informed them that the morning bite would be a little slow but ensured them the afternoon would more than make up for it. Sometime after one o’clock, they went active and it was just insane! Haissan had the hot hand as it didn’t seem to matter where he casted, the rod was always bent. From two pounds all the way to over four, he just pounded them! It was his brother Sam that managed the biggest ones though and boated two solid fish over 5 pounds. One of them was in the high five range and just bloated! I hadn’t planned on holding as long as I did in this area but the Golden Rule has always been “Never Leave Fish Biting”! We hung in till the end just moving around slightly and always seemed to relocate on top of more active fish. By 4:00 I decided to call it quits and it was unanimous. They had all caught their share of bass and many huge ones too! This was surely the end of a perfect day despite the winds that we were faced with. They had managed to endure the cold N winds and somehow it didn’t seem so bad when they were fighting the smallies. We headed back in a beautiful sunset signifying the perfect end to a perfect day!!