I hit the water this morning with Darren in very similar conditions to yesterday’s outing. Winds were once again blowing from the NE and right around the 20 knot mark! Temps were also low and in the mid 30’s with the water falling to 43.5 when we dropped the lines in and started fishing. Although the skies were brilliant blue with sunshine all around, it still felt cold! Another tough day for dragging in the current was in our future and I just hoped the casting bite would be like yesterday afternoon. The first few fish to come aboard were all in the 4 pound range but not plentiful. I guess with the water temps dropping each night, they have to adjust as well. The mid day period has always been best once the sun has gotten higher and today would be no exception. A bunch of fish were caught during the morning hours but it was the afternoon that would shine once again. One area in particular had Darren hooking up on each and every cast for a while. It was like fishing in a hatchery when he got started and smallies up to 4 pounds were fighting for his jig! Too bad all good things must come to an end and this held true with the area. Eventually he either caught all the fish or the rest of them just shut down and moved, as it died. I relocated to another place that also had quality bass and although it was tougher than expected, the bites were big. We practically had to dead stick the jigs at times in order to get bit. They really weren’t active and it showed. I was marking them on the sonar and there were many! I think if we were using live minnows we might have gotten into more of them but Darren still caught plenty. As with yesterday, we called it quits around 4:00 and made our way back to the boat ramp. Another day of peak periods of action with just picking at them for the remainder was what the results showed today. It was productive but the NE winds limited the numbers that could have been by restricting certain areas of fishable water. Hopefully the winds will eventually lay down and I will have the best of both worlds by drifting and casting wherever I see fit. Better days ahead, I hope!!