With the roller coaster weather patterns we’ve had lately, I wasn’t able to get out until today. Norm joined me with his bear, Buddha and we hit the water by 8:30 full of anticipation. This day was supposed to hold no wind, sunny skies and temps around 45 degrees so why not bring him! He had missed out on the last outing but this time he would get to enjoy this picture perfect fall day. We began casting jigs under a mix of cloud & sun and air temps around 38 degrees. Water temps were holding in the low 40’s and the bites were subtle. The first few fish were swung on too soon and contact was never made, causing us to make an adjustment. The count of three was to be today’s theme and it held true all day long! By waiting those extra few seconds we were able to hook a much larger percentage of the fish that bit and swear a whole lot less. A few areas held several more fish than others and by covering water we were able to monopolize on a bunch of quality smallies. Once the sun came out I thought things would come alive but found the exact opposite effect. It actually got a little tougher until I changed zones and we began getting into them once again. Buddha was having a blast as he took part in every release with a light licking of the fish’s tails. What a ham! He’s gotten so in tune with fishing that he knows when a fish has been hooked just by hearing the drag. If either of us happens to say, “There’s One” before we set the hook, he’s right there waiting. Unfortunately the air temps are getting a little too cool for him, even with his fleece coat and this will most likely be his last outing. We on the other hand will surely be back out for another kick at the can before the water becomes hard and steelhead become our target. Hopefully, sometime this week after the forecasted floods of rain have subsided, we’ll be able to wet another line and tangle with more of those big, bronze beauties!!