Mike didn’t feel like going out for lunge with his client today so the three of us decided to hit smallies instead. Charlie was coming off several great days of fishing and wanted to unwind with some phenomenal bass action before returning back home. I thought yesterday was glorious but today blew it away completely! Sun, sun and more sunshine along with the temps around 70 degrees was what we had when we hit the water. They had called for intense winds from the SW blowing 25 to 30 knots but I didn’t care. It may have made boat control a little more challenging but it was definitely a doable thing from my boat. As with every day on the water lately, there were adjustments needed to ensure the big ones got caught and today was no exception. We started on a current break and drifted several passes along the deeper edge to capture the first dozen or so decent bass up to almost 4 pounds, then changed it up. Casting along similar stretches accounted for the next bunch of fish with a few going over 4 pounds and one definitely above 5. Shallows were the next area we hit and with the blowing winds, I thought it would be great. It wasn’t even mediocre! Although they scored a few fish, there were a lot more casts than there were hits. A weed drop off was hit next and it was here that I found bunches of fish but they were tucked in pretty tight and difficult to detect the hits from. Once more some quality smallies were taken before we decided to drag open water with the strong SW winds. Here there were more hits but also many more snags and break offs to contend with so we called it a day. There was definitely no suffering from today’s weather and several quality smallmouth were caught. Many different methods were used to entice them to bite and every one of them was effective at one time or another. It was almost a shame to call it a day but we all had somewhere to be that evening and agreed on the next fish. Less than 3 minutes later we were done and on our way. I know I will be paying for the weather somewhere along the line but until then, I welcome it with open arms!!