Darren, Mark & Dave joined me once again today for their annual fishing challenge. Competition was high as they all had a side bet for the best bass of the day. The weather was a little on the cool side but the sunshine made it feel a little warmer as we began fishing. Although the air temps were to reach into the low 50’s it wasn’t close at 38 when we arrived at our first location. Water temps were also cooling and were now holding just over 51 degrees in the high, murky water. Darren started out the feud as a chunky 3 pounder came aboard and all the others could do was look on in awe. Eventually after a couple more from Darren, the others started with several of their own and everybody was on the board. I found the fish to be a little on the small side and eventually made a move from this area in hopes of bigger & better. With the water really off color and the wind blowing NW it wasn’t getting any better the further we ventured downstream. Eventually I decided to try areas that held big fish in the past and one of them was holding! Mark managed to hit one that went over 4 pounds and Darren was officially bumped! Although they were all getting into smallies, the overall size wasn’t the greatest. We did have several in the 3.5 pound range and a couple over 4 but most were below 3 pounds and really lethargic. By mid afternoon the drift & drag became something that everyone could handle when the wind layed up enough for me to angle the boat properly. All were into many rocks and some fish but Mark took top honors with another big smallie over 4 pounds and an exotic species award for the walleye. Several drifts and plenty of fish later they decided to call it a day with Mark taking the win for this outing. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t had a trophy made yet so that one of them could gloat for the entire year. Probably next time they get together they will and I’ll have to be their referee! All in all a pretty good outing with lots of laughs, many doubles and even a couple of triple headers to remember from today’s competition! Can’t wait for next year!!