Sam & his two brothers joined me again today on one of the most beautiful days so far this fall. The weather was a bluebird one with really light winds from the S and air temps in the 60’s. Water temps warmed to about 52.5 degrees as the day passed and all was great. The fishing was a little tougher though as it seemed they didn’t really want to bite. Although tubes were working somewhat, they were catching slightly smaller fish than usual with the drift & drag. I thought the larger ones might be in tighter so I had them throwing more blades to try & contact active fish. Sam hooked up three times in less than 5 minutes while his brothers looked on with envy. He even managed to miss several others while the other two never had a touch. I’m not quite sure why but he was in the zone! Finally, all were getting hit and many more fish were being missed with only a few actually being brought to net. Back to the tubes we went and I just covered water looking for a small pod of fish that they could monopolize on. Haissan managed the big fish of the day when he finally locked up on a bruiser in the mid fours. Several other smaller ones up to about 3 pounds were also taken during the afternoon along with one walleye before we called it a day. The bites weren’t fast & furious despite the beautiful weather today but there was still plenty of action. I hope this weather stays around a little longer as I could get use to it once again!!