Well, Norm & I were back out again today to see if the water had cleaned up some after the tournament weekend. It had and was back to almost perfect color but still a little higher than usual from the heavy rainfall from last week. We hit similar areas and wouldn’t you know it, landed a lunker in the high 5 pound range. This was surely a fish that we could have used a couple of days earlier but that’s fishing! The air temps were in the upper 50’s and the water temps had fallen slightly and were around 58 degrees but the sun was out and that would hopefully activate the fish. The one thing I noticed though was the presence of a new boat fishing the shallows. As we approached him, he decided to put a ski had on that covered his face completely. Looked like he had something to hide and I don’t think he was robbing a bank! He was obviously an observer from the B1 tournament and another guy that was looking for a free ride. He definitely didn’t know the area because he ran up on rocks several times and had to push himself off with a paddle. I’m sure there will be even more in the next couple of weeks! Throughout the day we managed to get into fish pretty much all over on a variety of different presentations. Although we didn’t really have any competition, our 5 best would have been another 20 pound plus bag once again. Go figure! We stuck it out until almost 5 o’clock and called it a day. It was nice to get out again in a non tournament position and just enjoy the day!!