Day two started a little better than the first as we were at least not being rained on today. Conditions were similar in all other respects with overcast skies and a wind from the SW blowing light. Water temps were slightly lower than the previous day but barely as we began our first drift. In only 15 minutes, three walleye along with a handful of smallies were boated and the day had just begun! This surely had the makings of a great one! We were able to feel the bottom pretty good and by dragging tubes we were getting a great start before the winds would blow. Pretty much all morning they were catching fish and mostly by jigs until Herm began throwing his new favorite lure. Once he let loose, it was all over! He got hammered by plenty of smallies but most of them weren’t staying pinned. Although he did manage to land several good ones, the better ones seemed to be getting off before the net. Back to dragging tubes and both were tight lined immediately! Winds had picked up considerably and the drifts were moving along quickly as we kept getting smaller fish in the 2 to 3 pound range. Another move was in order if they were to hit larger fish and I decided to make a long run to the next “Big Fish Spot”. Herm had a take quickly upon arrival and somehow never really got the jig buried as the fish came at him quickly. Another unpinned fish and I was sure it was a big one too! They weren’t eating too good and I could see by the number missed strikes that it was going to be difficult. Craig soon proved me wrong when he set into a giant and it immediately took to the air. All jaws dropped as we saw its massive frame and I instantly thought this could be the one. It tried everything to escape but soon came to the net, bloated like another fall pig. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the length needed to surpass the 6 pound mark but the girth placed her over 5.5 pounds when weighed. The long run had proved successful but that’s all she wrote. If you’re only going to get one fish I guess that’s the one to get! Back we went to the original area where we spent the remainder of the day hitting more fish. Although most were around 3 pounds, there were several over 4 and another one just above 5 pounds that Herm blasted on of course, the spinnerbait! We finished the day with both rods blazing the blades and fish were coming every dozen or so casts. Although they didn’t get that elusive 6 pounder, the quality of the bass was well worth coming out. Maybe the next outing will yield the “Holy Grail” that they come for each fall. If not though, all the smaller 3 to 5 pounders will have to be what they settle for. It’s tough but I think they can handle it!!