Will & his girlfriend Kristin accompanied me on the lake today for an absolutely fantastic day of fishing. It started out rather cool as the air temps were in the upper 50’s due to the overnight lows but eventually warmed up into the 70’s. Winds were still from the NW but less than 10 knots as we set the lines looking for a quick bite. Even the water temps had dropped and were now barely above 72 degrees. I believe it was Will that managed the first rod when the reel let out that beautiful screaming sound and was soon into a northern of around 4 pounds. Kristin had the next rod and she was rewarded with a nice 3 pound walleye that made its way into the livewell, for a possible dinner that night. For a little over an hour or so we scoured one particular area, catching a few more northerns and walleye before we shifted to casting for smallies instead. This was obviously the right choice as Will was locked up immediately. Ripping a jerkbait, he managed to nail a 3.5 pound smallie that looked like her entire family wanted a piece of the lure as well. Once released he was tight to another fish slightly smaller as soon as the bait touched down and this time it arrived alone. Kristin was throwing a spinnerbait and too had a shot at a nice fish but it came unpinned on the jump. I immediately switched her up to a jig and like clock work; she was tight to another one right away. This went on for almost an hour before we picked up and went to another area looking for bigger & better. Although we did see several huge smallies in this location, they just weren’t cooperating. Will did however manage to land a real long walleye in the deeper water on a jig and that made the stop definitely worth while. Another shift in location was needed and this was where we really hit them good. Will was just pounding the smallies on soft plastics for several hours while Kristin took the sun & relaxed. We did this for quite a while and then relocated to another area nearby where Kristin decided to fish as well. Here they were both into many more smallies in the next hour or so until we finally relocated to the trolling areas once more. We were trying to pick up another walleye for dinner and had a hard time accomplishing the task. After 4 drive byes and partially hooked fish we finally got another Walter in the size class I was searching for and called it a day. Kristin had never eaten what she had caught before and was anxiously awaiting dinner when we headed off the lake. Blackened, Cajun walleye was on the menu and we were going to be dining on them real soon! Today was a real treat for them and not just the fishing. The weather was spectacular with sunshine and light winds and finally a dinner fit for a king. We all had a great meal fit for a king and walleye was just the icing on the cake. To say they left satisfied would be an understatement. It’s always nice to meet new people and Will & Kristin were great company both on the water and at dinner. Days like these just make it all worthwhile and I look forward to seeing them again, hopefully in the near future!!