Scott joined me for a couple of days of bass fishing before he was to fish Muskie with someone else on Sunday. We hit the water Friday morning around 7:00 and went trolling immediately. The weather looked like a winner with light winds from the N/W and air temps in the 70’s. This would all change however as the conditions were about to get worse. The winds would switch full west and intensify upwards of 25 knots. We didn’t have much luck with the troll so I decided that casting might work out better and switched locations. As luck would have it, I was right! Within minutes Scott was into several big fish but every time one got on, it just kept getting off. A couple of them were real giants too! As the weather got even worse, I decided to relocate and try for a less windy area further up the lake. Although it was blowing pretty good, it wasn’t as bad and we hung there for a few hours longer. It seemed the same wherever we went as each fish that Scott hooked into came unpinned before it could reach the boat. Bad luck I guess! Eventually he did manage to land some decent ones though and they all came on a violently fished jerkbait. We tried one last shot at trolling for walleye and were ripped off by just drive byes. We called it a day and headed out to eat instead. Tomorrow I would switch bodies of water and hopefully the luck as well! Saturday started out with a bang as the first spot produced many hits and several landed bass in a couple of hours. The winds were even worse than yesterday, blowing 20 to 30 knots from the west but at least we were somewhat sheltered where we were. Bluebird skies had all kinds of boat traffic on the water and it looked more like the vacation period rather than a Saturday. Between the boogey boarders and jet-skis it was total chaos. Add hundreds of cruisers and plenty more fishing boats and it became a total zoo. I had some deep water areas that were holding good fish but had a hard time fishing it due to boats passing from every direction. They just didn’t care which side they went by us and obviously speed wasn’t an issue either, because we rocked and rolled like we were in a washing machine. We obviously didn’t stay here for long as it was almost impossible to even stand! We tried other areas and had similar results with a few more fish and many more boats. Too bad it wasn’t the other way around! Later in the afternoon we switched to a few back channel areas and managed to get out of most of the traffic. Unfortunately we only got into smaller fish by doing this and decided to call it a day once again. The boat ramp was a real zoo also as there were people all over the place blocking the docks and drinking. Ironically the police boat signaled us out and pulled us over for a routine inspection as well. I couldn’t believe that they were that blind but obliged them with everything they needed and more. By the time we were actually out of the water and on the trailer it was close to an hour later. What a zoo! It took us all of 2 minutes to do what we needed to do before we were finally on our way. What a crazy day on the water!!