Back out again today with Bryan & Kenny for another mixed bag kinda day. They were in for a bachelor party and thankfully I had them before their event! The weather started out decent in the morning with light winds and overcast conditions. We trolled up a bunch of walleye and several smallies before we were chased off the lake by threatening thunder showers. Along with this also came strong winds from the west gusting at over 40km. Waves had increased to 3 footers and some even higher as we headed back to the ramp to wait it out. Once it seemed safe enough we hit the lake again and tried trolling where we had previous success. This wasn’t going to happen though, as there were still 3 foot rollers and the water had muddied up too bad to get bit. There were also tons of floating weeds just making it even worse! Plan B had us relocating to another section where we found ourselves getting into more pike, walleye and smallies once again. When we had enough of this trolling we shifted to a section a little further away in hopes of casting up some more bass on lighter tackle. It was here that Kenny managed to take his personal best smallie at just over 4 pounds on a spinnerbait. Bryan was also catching a few of his own on soft plastics, but having a hard time feeling the pick up in this wind. We kept moving all the while hooking a few here & there and made one last attempt at another troll back where we began before calling it a day. We had endured most everything Mother Nature had to offer and succeeded overall. The afternoon had changed from clouds & flat to high sun and big rollers from the 25 knot winds out of the west. Talk about a mixed up day! Despite these little annoyances we had endured all we could handle and were satisfied with the results. I know that these guys will have a great weekend touring all the well known establishments in Montreal during the remainder of their bachelor party stay. Something tells me that the fishing was just the start of their fun!!