Well, I had hoped for better weather today but the winds were pretty much just as bad as yesterday so I opted for another lake instead. Haissan, Danny and “W” were to join me in hopes of some bass. I was hoping for smallies along with largemouth as a backup in case the rollers were as bad as they were yesterday. Well, they were! We got a later start than usual but were fishing before 10:00 and Haissan was the first to lock up on a tube. His fish was an honest 4 pounds and I thought we were just going to crush them when he landed this one, but it was to be the last. We had a few others on and even more missed strikes but could only come up with one quality bass. I hopped around in 3 to 4 footers from the S/W and only hit a few here and there in several hours of fishing. We finally decided to try for largemouth and ventured out of the wind and into the weeds looking for old bucket head! Apparently it was the right move because everyone caught fish here. Although there weren’t any real big ones, the action was pretty good for the remainder of the day. The largest bass in the weeds was around 3 pounds but at least we were out of the wind and catching fish. I definitely would like to see the winds get down to around 10 knots in the coming days instead of the 20 to 30 with stronger gusts that we have been fishing in lately. Let’s hope for a miracle!!