A “No Show” at the ramp yesterday morning had me furious that I couldn’t reach them just to let them know what kind of a jerk they were! Although I did send them an Email, it’s not the same as venting in person. Oh well, another person on my hate list! Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott, Shawn & Lorne once again for some rather large smallies. The weather was a little more pleasant today than it had been all week with complete overcast and a light drizzle in the morning. Air temps were to only reach into the 70’s and the water was remaining just below 75 as well. With an occasional light east wind, we were actually being pushed up current making any drift near impossible. We would have to cast for them today! I believe it was Scott that hooked up first and on a jerk-bait, but it was lost at the boat. Another few casts and he was into a three pounder and this one stayed pinned. I was surprised to see that each of these fish was flying solo and not accompanied by several others as they usually are. We weren’t able to monopolize on the followers as there weren’t any today. The schooling bass that I usually see were non existent! We would have to pick at them one at a time. The next area had Shawn tight to a real beauty of a bass and it soon came to the net. At over 5 pounds it was definitely photo worthy before being released. I just wasn’t seeing the volume of fish that I was normally and did a lot of spot hopping just trying to hook up. Lorne finally captured one of his own on a slowly worked senko and this was too in the 5 pound class. Many others were seen in this area but none of them were willing to eat as the current seemed like someone had just shut it down. Pretty much the same results were had on every location we fished today with an occasional fish hooked here & there. Shawn even managed to land a beautiful walleye of around 6 pounds while trying a deep drift. This proved to be next to impossible as the winds were slowing me down almost to a stop. We quickly abandoned this area as well after seeing some real giant bass just cruising all over with zero interest once again. I decided to try a better break along a main channel and finally had all the elements for a successful result. It was here that everyone had multiple hookups and landed plenty more big smallies. There were even several largies hitting within the same area and they were just a bonus on this difficult day. By the time it was all said and done we had turned a really slow start into a great end with just a couple of adjustments in location. Although many fish came unpinned, there were still quality fish up to and over 5 pounds that made it to the net and that’s all that mattered today!!