I had some free time so I decided to give my nephew a call and we hooked up for an early start to the day. Eric and I were to have a great time on the lake fishing for a variety of fish & catching them all. We began trolling for walleye and managed to put several nice ones in the boat for a dinner the following night with his father and both Christiane’s. There would be 5 of us and I knew we needed at least 5 quality fish so once we were done; it was time for the bass. The weather wasn’t perfect for fishing with a ton of floating weeds all over from the weekend traffic & high winds, but we managed anyhow. A short boat ride to the next area saw plenty of action with smallies from 2 pounds to over 4 pounds coming aboard regularly with soft plastics. Eric hadn’t used senko’s before today and although it took him a bit of time to get the hang of fishing with them, he really caught on well. Eventually he was picking up more fish than me & I was glad to see he was getting into them on almost every cast. These fish were larger than he was use to catching and definitely more than usual too! He even managed a personal best when he hooked up with a real bruiser of a blackie. At over 4 pounds it surely was one heck of a fight and eventually came to the net. We had to take a few picks on his cell phone in order to send them off to his fishing friends as they wouldn’t believe it! After a couple more on my camera she was released back to fight another day. This action kept going for a while and by 4:00 P.M. we decided to call it a day. Eric had caught more fish today than he was use to and they were definitely of a larger caliber too. He even managed two personal bests with a walleye of close to 5 pounds along with the big smallie. We had taken bass, walleye and a few northerns on this almost perfect day on the lake. Tomorrow may be a different story though as his father and girlfriend Christiane, will be fishing with us too. Michel hasn’t had a great track record with me over the years and the weather looks like it may just continue. Crossing our fingers!!