David joined me today on this blustering day on the lake! It started out at 15 to 20 from the S/W and got worse shortly afterwards. Trolling for walleye wasn’t going to happen as we had to go down wind in 3 footers and vegetation was floating everywhere not allowing me more than 30 seconds of clean time at best. Although the air temps were in the 70’s, the water temps had fallen again and were now close to 63 degrees. We shifted to another location hoping for better results but soon found more of the same. Dirty water, floating weeds and big rollers were everywhere but we fished through nonetheless hoping for a few biters. A couple of the reels fired but small northerns were attached to the lines and not the walleye we wanted. We did however have a reel scream that hooked up with a decent smallie of 4.5 pounds. This was to prove to be the best fish off the day and we headed out of this area when the waves grew to 4 & 5 footers. I tried to get out of the wind in a few locations but the water was almost mud and vegetation was floating all over making it even more difficult. By 1:00 it was almost impossible to fish the open water but we still gave it a try as we drifted along a weed line casting to every nook & cranny we could find. One more, smaller bass was all we could manage and by 2:00 we decided to cut our losses and call it a day. We’ll get back out soon for another kick at the can and hopefully Mother Nature won’t be quite as mean this time!