I thought that an early start would be a good thing this morning and we arrived on the water at the crack of seven. Warmer weather greeted us today with the high reaching into the 80’s and water temps fluctuated between 58 & 61 degrees depending where we were. Winds were almost non existent, but the boat waves were incredible after mid day as everyone seemed to be on the lake today. Even the police were pulling people over for violations! It definitely took a little longer to fire off a reel today but we did manage to have several hook ups. The best one was the 24 incher that fell victim to yet another fly on the troll. We even had a double laker hookup when passing an anchored vessel and they had front row seats for the fight. In total there were 4 salmon and two lakers taken on the fly along with several other fish that ate the offerings too. If it weren’t for the insane boat traffic, I expect there would have been even more! Overall, a great day on the lake despite all the traffic!!