Norm & I hit the water early as he had to leave by one o’clock and we wanted to get in every minute we could. It felt a whole lot cooler than yesterday’s start to the day as we nearly froze running across the lake. Air temps were barely 43 degrees but the water temps were down to 61 where we began. No wind at all had all the pollen floating and I had a difficult time keeping the lines clean while trolling. I was marking plenty of fish so I concentrated on them and covered the area thoroughly before moving on. In the 6 hours of fishing we managed to get into 7 salmon, several perch and a couple of small smallies all the while trolling flies. It wasn’t a banner day but we did do alright considering the amount of time we were on the water. Back to the docks by one and away he went. I on the other hand went back out and tried to cover new water looking for something different for tomorrow’s trip. I spent most of the time just looking around checking the sonar for bait and concentrations of fish. Let’s just say that it’s a big lake and there’s a whole lot more nothing than something out there when you’re checking deep water. I did find an area that looked pretty good and had both bait and hooks suspended over as much as 120 feet of water and left it alone for tomorrow. Headed off by three and called it a day myself. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!!