Norm & I were back on a lake this morning after a long drive of over 2 hours. We were pleasantly greeted with cooler air temps of 53 degrees instead of the humid 90’s we had been having lately. The expected highs were to be around 74 degrees with a cool wind of 10 to 15 knots from the north. This was going to feel like fishing in air conditioning! Unlike the last several days on the water, the boat traffic was also non existent and we were excited. Water temps had risen to the upper 60’s and were almost 68 where we began the troll. With the warmer water, I decided to run one rod high and the other deep to cover the area more thoroughly. Although I didn’t mark nearly as much activity, I did see some hooks and small amounts of baitfish present and that was reassuring. As I came over a giant hook down 20 over 35 feet of water I immediately stalled the motor allowing the deep line to settle in the fish’s zone and as soon as I picked up the speed, the reel started a blazing. It was a smoker and I knew we were tight to a big fish! Without knowing for sure, Norm played the fish carefully in hoped of at least getting a glimpse of what was so powerful on the other end of the line. I think it was close to the 5 minute mark and well into the backing before he was able to bring it close enough for a good look. Not to my amazement, it was exactly what I had expected. A very large brown trout was sounding once more as we saw the full view, at the same time as the fish saw the boat. Eventually I was able to slide the net under this beast and we were both relieved to see just how big it really was. At over 27 inches, it was surely a trophy for this lake and Norm’s personal best. Several pictures were taken and we both decided that he was too beautiful to be killed. This was to be the brown’s lucky day as he tangled with someone that believed in “Catch & Release” and was allowed to fight another day. I knew that after this one that everything else would be downhill for the day, but fished on none the less. Although we did have several other hookups with short lakers, legal lakers and a couple of smaller brownies, we never were able to match the first fish of the day. Somewhere around 5:00 P.M. we decided to call it and head on in. Today was the perfect example of just what a full moon does to the fish with trophies being the quest instead of the usual smaller numbers of fish. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but thoughts of bigger & better are running through our heads for tomorrow’s fishing!!