Although I have been on the water over the last week, there hasn’t been anything significant to report until today. The water temps had been fluctuating along with the weather patterns messing up the fishing completely. This morning, Jean & I hit the lake early and were hooked up in under a minute! We didn’t even have the second line in the water when the reel started screaming. Oh yeah! The air temps were barely above the freezing mark and with the 10 to 20 knot winds from the north, it felt oh so much colder. This was the first time this year that I actually trolled while wearing gloves. The water temps were barely 43 degrees and clouds surrounded us throughout the morning, but the bite was on. We managed to miss the first fish but had another shot moments later as the other reel fired and Jean was officially locked up. This was his first salmon and also the first time he trolled with fly rods too. It fell slightly short of the legal size and we had to release it back into the lake but were rewarded with another rip only moments later. I knew that this had the makings of an incredible numbers day and only hoped that we would be able to get into a few legal ones for him to take home. As luck would have it, the next one was a half inch over and the skunk was officially out of the boat! This was the way the rest of the morning was going to play out as reels were going off almost every 15 minutes or so. It didn’t seem to matter what depth we were trolling as hits were coming from as shallow as 10 feet to as deep as 120 feet. They were hungry and feeding everywhere! There were another couple of fish around the same size added to the livewell and plenty of short ones released before we opted for a move. By now it was mid afternoon and the bite had slowed with the sun coming out. Strangely enough I would have thought it would have had the opposite effect and triggered them even more but I was wrong. It had sent the bait down as well as the salmon and our bite was over. We relocated to the other side of the lake and hoped the wind blown shoreline might have active fish. This wasn’t the case as we trolled a lot of water and only came up with a few bass over 20 to 60 feet of water. It seemed that they too were all screwed up and apparently suspended over the depths we were in. By 5:00 we had seen enough and were still freezing with the north winds and 2 to 3 foot waves we were in, so we called it a day. Nothing to be ashamed of today as we had finally managed to break the bad luck barrier I had been having lately with the salmon and finished with an incredible day. Jean too had seen what the fishing should be like while salmon fishing for active fish by playing with over 20 of these silver bullets. I might just have to search for more first timers as they seem to have better luck than the ones that have already experienced this spectacular fishing! I can’t wait to get back out!!