After a few days at home fishing shad I was back at the lake with my wife for our anniversary weekend. We started out a little later than expected Saturday morning and were into a fish in less than 3 minutes. The weather was nice to begin but soon changed to a light drizzle and heavy clouds. Water temps were around 58.5 degrees and the air was in the low 60’s as we began the fly rod troll. Almost immediately after setting the lines, the short, deep one fired and boy did it ever! Spectacular aerials and sizzling runs were soon greeted by a landing net and a beautiful rainbow was officially ridding us of the skunk. Four more salmon, two lakers and a brown were soon to follow, as we had an awesome day on the water. There were also several other drive byes but what would a day be without a few of those? We even had to leave one of my best mid lake humps when the bass wouldn’t leave the streamers alone! You could say that it was a tremendous day on this our 25th anniversary vacation!!!