Well after an unsuccessful journey to a northern Quebec lake for niche yesterday, the “Holy Grail” was not found. Norm & I had our first skunk ever! Apparently there’s a lot more nothing when searching for trophy landlocks too! Today however I was back on home water with great expectations for a much better day. Frank & Stephanie were joining me for a couple of days and boy did they pick them! Bluebird skies and temps that reached 70 degrees were joined by no wind making this feel more like May. With water temps in the upper 40 degree range I was sure we would score with the flies & locked up in a mere 10 minutes. Frank battled the fish for a while as I cleared the other lines and somehow it came unpinned right near the boat. A nice salmon of at least 18 inches was soon a memory. I couldn’t even return to see if there were more as the boat traffic was just insane. Hook up and they flock like flies to %$@#! Many more hours passed with us just washing flies and nada. We relocated to another area and after unsuccessfully hooking into only bass, we returned to the scene of the crime to try again. Fortunately all the traffic had cleared and I was able to troll the fly rods like I needed and my favorite reel went off. The 5wt. had managed to hook a real beauty and Frank was awakened from a dead sleep to battle another one. What a fight too as it made plenty of leaps and several screaming runs before I was finally able to net this 22 inch beauty. She was all of four pounds and the skunk was officially out! Unfortunately this was all we were to see as the day finally ended. The second morning saw similar conditions with slightly cooler air temps at the start, but in the 60’s by the end. Franks son David joined us along with Stephanie once again to try for more salmon. We began in overcast skies, but sunshine soon greeted us as the day progressed. The best thing however was the absence of boats. The pack had really thinned out today allowing us a more comfortable troll. North winds of 5 to 10 knots and water temps in the lower 40’s began our day and it was slow. We were marking plenty of hooks and piles of bait in certain areas but nothing was moving. After several hours of this and just one drive by I decided to change up our location as well as the tactics. We casted smelt like jigs to deep sand edges and rock shoals and it didn’t take long before a nice lake trout was hooked. It may not have been the salmon that we were targeting but at least it was a trout and we were all happy to see it. As with before, it was to be our last hookup other than those brownies and we headed out once more. It was also going to be our last trout of the day as we went back to washing flies once more. Several more hours of marking bait and hooks and no more takers! Although it wasn’t the most successful 2 days of fishing, at least it wasn’t painful. The weather was just spectacular for the end of April and we actually caught a few fish. Who could ask for any more??