Well Norm was back for some more niche action today and this time he brought Buddha along. Another chilly morning soon gave away to 60 plus degrees with the aid of sunshine. Water temps were still between 43 & 49 degrees depending on where we were & winds were light & variable. We were bound & determined to make this day a skunkless one after the beating the fish had put on us, on our last trip. It wasn’t looking too good as we had been trolling for over an hour with nothing but leaves, twigs & debris to show for our efforts when one of the rods fired scaring the crap out of both of us. I guess we weren’t ready! Unfortunately it was a short fish of around 15 inches and was released immediately. More hate and pain for several more hours with just a few brown fish and then another reel fired in the afternoon. Once again it shocked both of us but this time it felt a little more substantial in size as it sounded for the depths of open water. I really thought we had a decent fish until it showed at the boat. Another skippy slightly larger than the first one was what we had and it too was released unharmed. More hours of nothing and a couple of drive byes were all we were to have for the remainder of this day & we called it quits around 4:30. Although it was still tough, at least we weren’t skunked today. I really hate that creature and hope it never shows again!!