Well, they say the third time is a charm and I guess they were right! I hit the lake for the 3rd attempt at salmon fishing this season and had a blast. This was Norm’s second time out after a rather slow day only 4 days earlier. We had managed to get into just one 18 inch salmon, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I covered so much water looking for warm temperatures and must have hit a half dozen areas in the process. We finally got the fish in 6 feet at 38.5 degrees. The second attempt on the lake was Saturday with my wife Christiane and it wasn’t much better. Sunshine and flat calm conditions had everyone on the water, but who could blame them, it was 80 degrees out! We managed to find a small pocket of water that was 43.5 degrees and went 2 for 5 in a football sized section. One fish was a salmon of just over 17 inches and the other was a fat brown trout that was at least 3 pounds. All fish hit the high lines in 5 to 7 feet of water. I knew with this warm weather that it could explode any day and really was excited about Monday’s prospects when we arrived. We had overcast skies all day with a high of 68 degrees. Can’t complain about that as it’s only the beginning of April! Water temps were between 42.5 & 47 degrees in the warmest areas but our best success came from 43.5. I knew with these conditions that the fish would remain deeper and focused in the 15 to 20 foot range. Within minutes the first long line fired and Norm was into a five minute battle from a 20 incher. The fish was quite powerful even in these colder temps and made many blistering attempts at getting off before I slipped the net under her. Nice way to start the day! Almost immediately after we reset the lines, another high line fired and a second acrobatic bullet was beating him up once more. This one was a little smaller at 18 inches but we welcomed her just the same. Throughout the day we had plenty of rods firing but most of them were white perch and really annoying. We did however have many reels go that were salmon, and ended up landing five between 17 & 20 inches. Just before we were ready to head home another high line went off and the game was on once again. This one turned out to be a beautiful, football of a brown and fought like a champ. We grabbed a few quick pics before releasing her back to where she came from and were on our way. Things are really starting to pick up and despite the fact that we are barely into April, it’s an early season. The weather and water temps are much higher than usual and the fish are feeling it as well. Hopefully, it will continue and I will be able to take advantage of the Quebec opener in a few weeks on local waters as well. Great start to the season and an early one too!!