Early thoughts of spring fishing had me entering this report for the 2010 season, after remembering a couple of forgotten ones from last fall. I would like to wish a “Happy New Year” to all fellow fishermen & women and tight lines to everyone for the upcoming season. Although we are still under 20 plus inches of ice on most lakes, open water isn’t too far away. Ice fishing and river steelhead fishing have satiated my appetite for the last couple of months but hopefully in the next 4 or 5 weeks, the boat will be floating once again. Landlocked Salmon will be the species targeted along with brown trout and an occasional laker thrown in just for kicks. Fly rod trolling for these little silver bullets is the technique I use and on most days, it out produces all other methods. With the Quebec season opener for trout set to begin mid April, booking a trip in advance would secure prime dates. From late April right into late May, pound for pound these salmon fight like some of the strongest fish that swim. As long as the water remains cool, they will stay near the surface and attack anything that resembles the preferred smelt diet that they gorge on. For those of you that have already experienced this, you know what I mean. For those of you that haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing and should give it a try. I expect this season to be equally as good as all past ones have and anticipate many, many double digit days ahead. I hope to be busy throughout prime time and strongly urge everyone to give this a try. Niche season comes early and doesn’t last long, so don’t hesitate to book a date! Tight lines and screaming reels are just ahead!!!