Tim & I were back out again this morning, looking for another shot at the big smallmouth bite. Christiane came along as well, hoping to increase our chances of some quality fish. We had almost perfect conditions with cloud cover and less than a 5 knot wind from the W/SW. Water temps were 46 degrees and the air temps were somewhere around 42. I realized quickly that the bite was a slow one when our first fish came while dead sticking the jig in a deep hole. After that we all slowed down even more and began hooking up everywhere we fished. Plenty of decent smallies were being caught from shallow to deep as we covered water in search of the real giants. At one point we even got into a pretty good walleye bite and boated a bunch of 3 to 5 pound fish. The real giant today wasn’t a bass, but rather a huge walleye of almost 30 inches. After a few quick pics she was released back to continue her cycle next spring. Fish this big really shouldn’t be killed for the table! There were many good fish caught today with the largest bass only topping the scale at 4 plus pounds. It didn’t really work out for the big ones for us as there were boats all over looking for the same thing. Although we came up a little short, we all had a great time catching a bunch of fish in some incredible, late November weather. This may have been Christiane’s last chance at a trophy smallie for the season but I will be back many more times looking for yet another trophy!!