Well, we definitely saved the best for last as today was the best day so far in Takeshi’s five day fishing trip. The weather may not have been spectacular but clouds are still better than rain in my eyes and the mild temps of 50 degrees were also welcomed. Winds were out of the N/E at less than 10 knots and that was also fine, or at least better than the hurricane winds we had seen. I knew it would be a good day when Tak hooked up on his first cast and a chunky 3.5 pound smallie came aboard. In the first hour or so there were a lot of above average bass caught with some of them even over 4 pounds. As with earlier in this trip, the crankbait bite in the current produced the best and his lucky lure found the bass eager to attack almost all day long. Although he had some spinnerbait action, the crankbaits remained the winner allowing him to cover plenty of water & locate the active ones. When his arms were sore from casting and landing all those fish in the current, we decided to go a little deeper and fish jigs on the bottom. Here we found a few walleye and more smallmouth willing to eat and the action just kept coming! It really didn’t seem to matter where we fished as they were on all over today and what could be better on his last day out. I really didn’t keep track of the number of fish he caught today but I know it was enough to put a smile on his face and take the skin off his fingers. He will officially be going home a cripple! I’m sure any manual labor will be next to impossible as it will take at least a few days for all those cuts and scrapes to heal, allowing him to feel anything again. I guess it’s a good thing that he only had 5 days instead of the possible 10 day trip that he was originally looking at. Along with all the pictures, he will also be taking home plenty of memories of this fishing trip. He has enough to relive the pain and torture that those feisty brown bass gave him throughout the week. As Takeshi would say, “Smallmouth Angry Fish”! Sayonara Takeshi!!!