Norm was back with me once again today but this time he brought Allison along for good luck. I knew we would have a great day with her, but wasn’t too sure about getting into bigger bass as the fishing had been rather slow lately. Oh there were numbers and an occasional large fish, but not what I expect for this time of year. The weather was a dismal, cloudy day that was supposed to be mixed with sunshine, but they were wrong once more! Winds were out of the N/E at 5 to 10 knots and it didn’t feel like the 50 degrees that it reached. Water temps were around 52 where we began and it wasn’t too long before Norm was hooked up. It turned out to be a decent 3 pounder and we were on our way to better things ahead. After several fish around this size, Allison managed to get into one of her own and this one went over 4 pounds. I was shocked and thrilled to see that they were somewhat larger than a couple of days before when I had managed mostly smaller fish with only an occasional big one. From that point on, the fish were coming into the boat all in the 3 to 4.5 pound range and I knew we were in store for something spectacular today. We weren’t getting into piles of fish but the ones we were seeing were well worth the lack of numbers. In another area there were a couple over four and one over five in a small confined current break. After trying to get into a few more without success, I decided that a change was in order and went deep. It was here that both of them started to hit only fish above 4 pounds and we were on them good. I don’t remember just how many, but there were plenty! When this section of the river died, we shifted to another and it was here that Allison got into her personal best. When I saw the size of this giant take to the air, I nearly knocked her over going for the net. It weighed in at slightly over 6 pounds and was a real pumpkin. She hadn’t even managed to break 5 pounds and had jumped all the way to over six! It had taken Norm all of last fall to break the 5 pound mark and she had broken six pounds in only her second attempt. Lady luck shines once more! We knew that this would be hard to follow but kept at it for the remainder of the afternoon all the while hooking into fish ranging from two to over 4 pounds. For the first time this fall, the fishing was what it was suppose to be like and Allison had managed to start the ball rolling. I know the next time out it probably won’t be like today, but I’ll settle for even 50% if it means the fish will be bigguns! Now Norm has an even bigger quest as today’s fish was larger than his personal best just a few short weeks earlier. I’m pretty sure he won’t be getting too much sleep after today!!