Day two of Takeshi’s fishing trip saw us leaving in the rain and according to the weatherman, fishing in it all day long. Guess what? They were wrong once again! By the time we had arrived at the water it had stopped and we were only in the clouds. Winds remained pretty light too with a blow from the N/E at around 10 knots. Air temps were a welcome with the high reaching closer to 60 degrees today and that sure beat yesterday’s cold. The day started with a bang as the first few fish were all over 4 pounds and one of them was even topping five. It wasn’t fast & furious, but they were big and that’s all that matters! We fished deep and we fished shallow and caught some fish just about everywhere we went. Tak even managed to get into a good spinnerbait bite around mid day that saw several smallies violently attacking the lure. It was great to finally have some active, aggressive biters! With the water temps holding around 51 degrees, we saw a little more action on the moving baits with crankbaits producing the best. By retrieving them cross current Takeshi was able to cover the water enough to make the fish strike the lure and most were taken on the front hook. Although there were a few slow periods, the fishing was pretty much consistent for most of the day. When we were on one, we were on a bunch and the numbers rose plenty! We may not have seen any of the real giants today but there was still plenty of action to keep someone occupied. Takeshi is still feeling the pain from all the angry smallmouth he hooked not to mention the ones that beat him up during the photo shoot. I think they are the worst as they have all day to recuperate in the livewell and they just keep getting meaner as the day goes on. Hopefully he will get some sleep tonight as his internal clock still registers night when it’s actually day and he needs to be on top of his game in order to tackle these nasty fish!!