The third day saw us changing plans due to the high winds predicted and we shifted locations to try & escape the worst. Unfortunately, it just didn’t matter as we were faced with 20 to 30 knot winds from the west throughout the entire day. Add to that the high volume of water traffic and we were beginning to second guess our move. The temperatures were nice though as they stayed in the mid to upper 50 degree range with the water temps close to 51. Sunshine and intermittent clouds were upon us for the bulk of the fishing day and that was also welcomed making it feel a whole lot warmer than the previous days out. Our first location saw us only staying for a brief period as the waves were just crashing on the shore causing us to struggle, just to make a cast. We decided to move and try some drifting in another area and I knew it would be at least a one drift sock day. Immediately we hooked up and the first fish was a real beauty! Although the drifting wasn’t easy, it was productive as we kept getting into fish on each pass. They were a mix of sizes and they all fought like champs. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to catch fish on any of the active baits in this wind but thought we would give it a try nonetheless. Tak began throwing a crankbait, with the wind of course, for about 10 casts without success and gave up immediately. It was just not going to happen and we went back to heavy jigs just to feel bottom. At one point there were so many boats in the area that I just packed it in and went elsewhere. We continued to catch fish pretty much all over again and we were alone! Later in the afternoon I thought we would head back and see if some of the boats had given up yet due to the high winds and was surprised to see that they hadn’t. I stayed about as far away as I possibly could and Takeshi started getting bit right away. We kept at it until about 5:00 before we decided to pack it in and call it a day once again. I hope the wind lets up slightly for tomorrow because I would love to get back to those giants once more before they relocate again. With the falling water temps in the future there’s no telling how long the big bite will last and I want to take advantage of it as long as it’s around. I think Takeshi in also in agreement with me but I don’t know if his hands can manage two more days of smallmouth. He’s already getting close to not being able to hold his utensils while eating and pretty soon he’ll have no feeling at all. Gotta love those smallies!!