Craig & Herm joined me today for what finished in a win, for the bass! We started in a light drizzle as we launched the boat along with some pretty strong winds from the W/NW blowing 10 to 20 knots. Air temps were in the upper 40’s and the water temps were in the upper 50’s as we began casting in the shallows. Within the first few minutes, both of them were locked up and we thought it was going to be a phenomenal day. Oh boy, were we wrong! The fish were biting light and they kept losing the bass or just missing the hits all together. I think that the landing ratio was less than 50% in the first hour or so and it didn’t get much better afterwards. Add to this that the fish were on the small side and it made things look even worse. We switched it up somewhat and tried deeper water in hopes of finding some of the larger, more aggressive biters and came up short as well. Although there were plenty of fish landed today, I don’t think there was even one that went over 4 pounds. I believe we had a few on, but as with most of the others, they didn’t stay pinned long enough to confirm for sure. I didn’t want to believe what our total for the day finished with, but I know it felt like a 60/40 split in favor of the fish. We will reconvene tomorrow and with any luck, maybe get even! Day two saw us gathering once again for another crack at those nasty fish and this time they even had “Mother Nature” on their side. I woke to the howling sound of angry winds and wasn’t even sure if we would get out. Thoughts of a cancellation day were on my mind but I figured we would give it a try anyway. The sun was out and at least it would be warm, or so I thought! We arrived at our first spot and to our amazement, there was less than a one foot chop on the water. We began drifting and in the first pass had landed several decent sized bass. I knew right there that today was going to be much better than yesterday as we continued fishing. The water temps had dropped slightly overnight and were now below 57 degrees but the fish were eating. We spent the first couple of hours in almost perfect conditions, catching fish constantly before the winds began to blow and then things changed. It was still tolerable, but barely as we had to throw out a drift sock just to slow down our passes. Several walleye were caught along with the bass and even a large Muskie made an attempt at eating one of the smallies as it neared the boat. Fortunately for the bass, he missed! By now the winds were increasing and clouds were upon us with threatening skies in the distance. It was only a matter of time before the rain would hit and we weren’t looking foreword to it at all. The remainder of the day saw us making longer drifts due to the increasing winds, all the while still catching fish. It wasn’t the prettiest day on the water, but we made it work! The waves had increased and at one point they were in the 3 foot class with an occasional rogue thrown in just for fun. Sure glad I have the Ranger! We stuck it out right up till 5 o’clock before we called it a day and headed back. All in all a pretty good one nonetheless with many fish landed under not so perfect conditions and to think we almost cancelled the day! Whatever were we thinking?