I decided to take a road trip today so who better to travel with, Norm of course! Mike joined us as he had the access permission and we headed north with even higher expectations. The weather was freaking cold as we started climbing and arrived with barely over 40 degree air temps. Not unexpected were the 58 degree water temps as well and they only rose to 61 degrees late in he afternoon. To make matters worse, the winds were also out of the north and they blew 10 to 15 knots making the chill factor below freezing to start. We did manage to catch a bunch of bass with the largest going almost 22 inches on tubes along with a few Muskie. One of the lunge was caught on a tube as well but the other two were caught on Muskie jerk-baits and Norm got to witness a tremendous figure eight on one of them right at boat side. Mike had a follow and went through the motions like a ballerina, effortless in the rotations to provoke the attack. Although we didn’t catch a lot of fish, we did have a great time mixing it up and once the sun warmed the air, a beautiful fall day as well. We fished until around 4 in the afternoon and packed it up shortly after to travel back home. It’s still a little early to get the real big ones on this lake and hopefully in the next couple of weeks the water temps will fall, activating them before the winter arrives. With any luck, we will be back taking advantage of this lack of fishing pressure as well as capturing some of the oldest smallies of the north. I can’t wait!!