After driving for 11 hours yesterday on a return pickup trip, I was ready to hit the water and do some fishing. Christiane & I headed out looking to see about a possible muskie bite and thought we would throw in several other species along the way too. We decided to start early and were launched before 7:30 and loaded for bear! There were so many rods in the boat that we almost didn’t know where to start! Unfortunately we started with muskie, didn’t do anything for the first couple of hours and decided to switch up for another species instead. Muskie are just hateful creatures! With a N/E wind blowing at 10 to 15 knots, we were not loving the waves as they were contrary to the current and rolling big. The air was also on the cool side with temps in the low 50’s at the start and climbing all the way to 70 degrees by days end. The next attempt at a fish was trolling for pike & walleye and that wasn’t great either as only one pike committed suicide. I covered so much water that I was almost in a different lake when I decided to give bass a shot, with the others not cooperating. At first we tried a drift & drag in deeper water only to have to give it up when the wind was pushing us up current, not allowing a proper presentation to the fish. By now we were into the early afternoon and I really needed to make some adjustments in order to salvage this day. I gave up on using Mother Nature and headed in tight to an area that I had some success in before and prayed for better results. Our prayers were answered as we located a concentration of bass that kept us entertained for over an hour with multiple hook ups. Most of the fish were in the 3 pound range but there were a few that went over 4 pounds and they were just so aggressive on the bite. We had multiple doubles when several others followed, bringing the numbers way up. I knew this wasn’t going to last and milked the area for all it was worth before they just turned off the switch and died all together. Time to relocate and we went back for those hateful creatures once more, also without good results. We trolled a new area for almost 30 minutes and came up empty once more causing us to ponder a possible end to this day. I figured we had nothing to lose so I headed to another spot that put out big bass as well as large walleye and set the lines once again. We covered plenty of water before one of the reels fired, but it was a good one this time. I was able to slip the net under a beautiful walleye of 26 inches and things were looking up. After a few quick pics, we returned the fish back and reset the lines once again in hopes of another, just like the other. A coupe of drive byes happened before another fish actually locked up and a three pound walleye was soon landed. By now we were just pressing our luck and decided to end the day on a high note, as always and unanimously called it. By not giving up, we were able to salvage a not so good day and turn it around landing a bunch of quality fish once again. Tough bite but we survived and overcame the hum drum day!!