Christiane & I headed out again today on another lake looking for some smallmouth that we could play with. We left the house around 7:15 in order to drop the boat trailer off early afterwards due to an overheating with the brakes. I thought we would fish while the trailer was being worked on and take advantage of it by catching a few bass. The weather was looking like a beautiful one with sunshine and air temps scheduled to hit the mid 70’s. The winds were blowing in from the east at 5 to 10 knots causing a good chop on the water and I liked that! With the cooler nights the water temps had been dropping slightly and that should start the bass moving shallow, I hoped. We began by working offshore on a flat and it took a while before we saw anything happening. By throwing faster moving baits we were able to cover this area pretty quickly and slowed down to jigs when we located some active fish. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t all that aggressive as they were mostly following the lures to the boat and losing interest afterwards. Even the jigs had them turning the other cheek as they mostly just swam the other way when they saw our offerings. Although we were able to get some of them to commit, the bulk of them weren’t active at all. After a couple of hours of total frustration from seeing them we decided to change it up a bit and headed elsewhere. The next location only produced one bass but it weighed 5.5 pounds. It was a real giant and when hooked, came up with about 20 others all in the same size range. This place died immediately after the bass was landed and the others also turned the other cheek. We stayed there for almost an hour trying to get another to commit, but they showed no interest at all forcing us to relocate once again. I figured if they wouldn’t move, we would! This time I stopped in deeper water to try a drift and drag that had been working on every other body of water I had been fishing lately. It didn’t take long before I locked up on a nice fish that went over 4 pounds. Christiane nailed a clone of this one a hundred yards or so down stream and the confidence was born. We made several drifts in the next hour or so and managed to get into fish on every pass with some of them a little smaller in size. I had one more spot I wanted to try so we packed it in and bolted to the other place in hopes of better fishing. I couldn’t believe it when I arrived as there were fish everywhere! Christiane had several on but was only able to land a handful of them as they were just too big and the hooks didn’t seem to get penetration on the majority of them. I too had a bunch of them hooked and the jigs and lures just never stayed pinned on the majority. In the last hour or so we must have had about 20 chances at these big bruisers and I was glad to see that they were here and thick. I wasn’t too thrilled with the landing ratio though but I will be back. We weren’t able to get anything over 5 pounds from this area but it wasn’t for lack of trying as we did have them on. All in all the day was a little slower than I had hoped but the fish were big and that compensates for the lack of numbers I guess. I will be back and I will get even!!