I was back again today with Paul & his wife as well as their two grandsons, Craig & Chad for some more action. We began in the clouds once more but the skies soon cleared and sunshine was upon us for the remainder of the day. The air temps reached into the mid 80’s with unbearable humidity and the water remained in the upper 60’s in most places. Winds were out of the south in the morning at 5 to 10 knots causing a pretty good chop on the water but when t he sun came out it went flat calm. Trolling was a little difficult with all the floating vegetation and heavy weed cover and I really had to monitor the rods to keep them clean. We got into a number of northern pike but nothing very large and eventually had to relocate after lunch. Here we were into smallies consistently and landed fish up to almost 5 pounds, on soft plastics. Paul’s wife started the ball rolling with a nice bass over 4 pounds on her first cast and the kids landed many more afterwards. We fished a variety of areas and had success in all of them. The highlight of the day would have to be when a muskie grabbed hold of one of the baits giving us a five minute battle. I had to chase the fish with the electric motor just to keep up with it. I never really thought we were going to land this beast but we gave it our best shot. Eventually after a beautiful leap, the hook tore from the jaw and all went silent. It was fun while it lasted! We carried on a little longer catching more bass before we finally called it a day. We had a mix of everything today and enjoyed every minute. The whole idea was for the kids to have fun and that they did. Everyone enjoyed themselves and went home with plenty of memories from the day. This was definitely the most and biggest fish the boys had ever experienced and I’m sure they will remember this day for quite some time!!