After an unsuccessful attempt at booking today, I finally headed out with my wife Christiane instead. We arrived at the ramp around 9:30 and were trolling for walleye before 10. Although the weatherman had forecasted rain and a chance of thunder showers, they were once again, bang on. It was sunny and there was no rain in sight! Winds were still out of the east and were blowing at 10 knots or better causing a pretty good chop on the water. They did eventually switch to the S/E and this really helped with the fishing. Water temps were somewhere around 68 degrees and the air temps rose to over 80 by days end. The first reel to fire managed to have a walleye of around 3 pounds that fell off when it hit the net. Light biters again today, I hope not! We trolled over the area for a while before we had our second hit and this one turned out to be a northern pike of around 4 pounds or so. Not what we were looking for, but action nonetheless. I was really working this area and knew it had to have some better fish, when the same reel began to scream once more. This time the rod was really loaded and Christiane felt some weight on the end of it. I knew that this one was a substantial size and was about 95% sure that it was another walleye. What I didn’t know however was just how big it was until I caught a glimpse as she neared the boat. It was a giant! The runs were fierce ones as it peeled drag from the reel on each & every one, not wanting to come aboard. I finally managed to get a shot at this beast and netted her just in time as another set of hooks came free. I didn’t think she was 10 but I knew it was going to be close. She measured just over 30 inches and went 9.27 on the scale making it the largest walleye Christiane had ever caught. I definitely needed a few pics of her and afterwards, took time releasing this fish back to where she came from. There’s no need to be killing a big breeder like her and I never hesitated in letting her go! We went back to trolling again & I knew that anything after this could only be downhill. We managed to get into a few more pike and even had a double header that proved to be a northern and a walleye at the same time. The pike was small, but the walleye was a 24 inch fish that was also released after being caught. When the winds switched again to the south, the bigger pike started to bite and we kept catching them on every pass. Some of them were decent in size going 8 pounds or better and although they weren’t walleye, they were still fun to catch. I had one walleye in the live well and needed a couple more for a family dinner tonight so we continued trolling, in search of them. It didn’t take long and we were boating two more clones of the one in the well, at 3 pounds apiece. There would be 6 of us and three fish would be just perfect with no big ones being killed. We kept trolling for another hour or so and caught plenty more pike with the biggest one of nearly 9 pounds on a spinnerbait right near the end. By 2:30 we were ready to head back and packed up everything for the day. In just 4 hours of fishing, there were probably 20 or more fish caught and some of them were real quality, with the walleye being the bonus. Every time a client cancels at the last minute or becomes a no show, Christiane manages to have a spectacular day. This one was no different and now she has another giant fish to add to her already extensive list of trophies. What a great day!!