David & I ventured out onto a local lake for smallies today but this time with the fly. He wanted to catch them with a fly rod & I knew just the place. Although we began the day with overcast skies and cooler air temps, that was soon about to change. By mid morning, the sun was shining bright and the clouds were gone. Eventually the temperature made its way into the upper 70’s with a light wind of around 5 knots from the S/W. This did make the casting a little more complicated, but not impossible! Water temps were 69 degrees where we were and I knew it wouldn’t take long before he would be locked up on one of those bronzeback giants. David started with a top-water popper on his line hoping for a surface strike and after having a couple of fish on, realized that it may not be the right choice and switched to another fly. This time the fly resembled a perch and almost immediately, was hit. He had fish on his next couple of casts as well and landed several more during the next hour or so up to 4 pounds or better. This came to an abrupt stop however when he was bit off by a toothy creature and didn’t have another pattern like the one he lost. He had lots of flies, but not the exact one that was catching fish and we tried many. He hid have a few more hookups but most of them came off during the fight. The wind was definitely a pain with the direction he needed to make the casts work and distance was lost in the process. We made the best of it though and still managed to have several hook ups in the process. When things slowed down, we relocated to other areas in hopes of hitting some aggressive fish somewhere. We did see a few cruisers but they weren’t takers and we just kept moving around trying to find aggressive fish once more. Sometime late in the afternoon we managed to get onto fish once more and picked at several here & there but most were lost after being hooked. An egg sucking leech pattern seemed to work the best as David had several fish hooked on this fly. Some were landed and some were lost! What made matters worse were all the ones we were able to see just cruising around this area without any interest at all in feeding. By 5:30 we had enough of this torture and decided to call it quits. We will be back out again this week and hopefully this time the fish might be a little more cooperative and actually eat the flies instead of just following them back to the boat. Overall a good day but the landing ratio was a little tough on the fly!!