Jay & Lyon accompanied me today on a local lake for another “Multi Species” day. We hit the water around 8:00 and were fishing shortly after on a smallmouth location. The weather was looking like it was going to be a real scorcher as we began our day in over 70 degrees and high humidity. Water temps were also around 71 degrees and the winds were out of the SW at 5 to 10 knots, at least giving us a little relief from the humidity. I believe that it was Jay who hooked up first on a crankbait as we covered the water. While Lyon threw a spinnerbait I tried to see if they wanted soft plastics and made several casts to locate some others. Jay managed to get 3 or 4 fish before his brother in law Lyon finally got into one of his own. It was a little slower than I was use to and we really had to work hard to get the bites we had, but they were good ones. A couple of the bass were in the 4 pound or better class and full of energy. After a few hours in this location we decided to give another area a shot and relocated with high hopes of more aggressive fish. Lyon was still throwing a spinnerbait around rock & weed clumps when a small northern attacked the lure and he landed his first pike of the day. He had a few others follow the lure several casts later and right beside the boat got hammered by what turned out to be a pike of over 8 pounds. This wasn’t what we were after but at least it was some action and Lyon loved every minute of it! Lots of smaller bass & northerns were taken as we moved along a stretch of shallow water hoping to stumble into the “Mother Load”. We jumped all over the lake looking for aggressive fish and even went in for some largemouth bass later in the afternoon without much success. Eventually, we shifted gears and began trolling an area for walleye & pike. The northerns weren’t very large with the biggest going just under 5 pounds but at least it was action once again. Only one 3 pound walleye was caught in about an hour of trolling and we decided to pack it in and try for more bass. In about another 45 minutes they managed to get into 8 more smallies with the largest being a 3.5 pound animal that just beat Lyon up. He really had a tough time bringing in this one in as it was hooked on the long cast and fought all the way to the boat. By the time we were ready to leave the temps had climbed to around 85 degrees and the humidity level was through the roof. It may have felt cooler to Lyon being from Florida, but it was unbearable for me and I was just drained. By 5:30 we were done and satisfied with the overall outcome of the day despite the sluggish nature of many fish. They had caught loads of fish and had a great time on the water today and that’s what it’s all about!!