After a client decided not to go out today, Christiane & I headed out for a few hours of what we thought was going to be pleasure fishing. As it turned out, there was nothing pleasurable about it at all! There was absolutely no wind and the high humidity was just unbearable. Add the billions of “dog pecker knats” or midge and it felt like some sort of torture test. Temps topped out in the mid 80’s and the water temperature was in the low 70’s as we began to troll. I knew that if we casted it would be even worse, so we dropped the lines in to see if we could get into a few bass and a possible walleye or two. Well, it didn’t take long before one of the reels started to scream and a decent smallie was going to the air behind the boat. It’s always quite the fight when trolling and this was pretty light tackle too! I netted the 3.5 pound bass and was shocked to see just how fat she was. I also noticed some crawfish claws sticking out from her throat telling me that there must be even more in the area to catch. The second & third time the reels went off, there were also smallies attached to the lines and one of them was in the 4 pound range and fat as a house. Apparently there were plenty of crawfish in this area and food wasn’t scarce! We continued trolling, all the while dying with this dead air and humidity trying to decide whether or not to just leave when another rod fired. This time however, it was a walleye and the first of many more to come as we continued our troll. In the next hour of excruciating weather, we were able to land about a dozen walleye and several more smallies up to & over 4 pounds on a variety of baits before we had to throw in the towel. It was just too much for both of us as we went through about 10 waters in the short time we were out. It was definitely worth it though as we managed to catch a bunch of quality fish in less than 3 hours of fishing and had a blast despite the heat. Overall, the pain was worth the end result and we were glad we stayed on the water. As luck would have it, the wind kicked up pretty good about 5 minutes after we were off the water. Gotta love “Mother Nature”!!!